Lucy Siyao Liu (she/they) is an artist and designer based in New York.

Her work explores systems devised in the past and present to comprehend scales of environment and ecology. She researches, writes, and teaches topics on architecture, computational design, imaging technologies and machine learning.

Run your fingers through this cold stream, welcome to the flow ~

Writing + Publications

2021    ESP Cultural Magazine [JP],“Thinking Through Clouds” by Zhenzhen Qi.
2021    “A Place for Relating to Water” Annual Tending edited by Meg Miller.
2020    Atlas of Anomalous AI. Ignota Books, Edited by Ben Vickers & K Allado-McDowell.
2020    Mud Muses: A Rant About Technology, Koenig Books, Edited by Lars Bang Larsen.
2019    Art in America, Lucy Siyao Liu and Tung-Hui Hu on the History of Clouds in Art and Computing, interview by Emily Watlington.
2019    The Forumist, Art and the Machine.
2019    New York Tech Zine Fair, Soft Surplus on art-washing, social technologies and friendship by Neta Bomani
2018    How Do You Use The Internet Mindfully? Edited by Willa Köerner
2018    The Creative Independent, Before Code, Beyond Speech
2018    It's Nice That, PROPS Paper by Ruby Boddington
2018    Metropolis Magazine, Can You Teach Good Design on a Social Media Network? Interview by Audrey Gray
2018    Yale Paprika! 4-07 An Image for the Present, Thoughts in “To Imagine,” Into the Universe of Technical Images (Electronic Mediations) by Vilém Flusser
2017    Design Indaba, What craft lies behind image-making? by Emily Uys


2019    Moderna Museet, Mud Muses - A Rant on Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
2019    Skógarnytjar (e.forest utility). Collaboration between Björn Steinar and The Icelandic Forest Service, Reykjavík, Iceland.
2018    Offerings, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, US.
2016    Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Drum Like Clouds screening, Cambridge, US.
2016    DRAWInternational, Open Studio, Caylus, France.
2016    MIT Keller Gallery, Landlines: Drawing Terrain, Cambridge, US.
2014    China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Wei, Beijing.
2013    Beijing Design Week, Metahutongs, Beijing.

Teaching + Lectures

2021    RISD Experimental Foundation Studies: Spatial Dynamics
2020    RISD Computation, Technology & Culture Concentration, Drawing Interactions, course
2019    Parsons New School of Design, Communications Design: CURRENTS - Staging Practice with PROPS, course with Matthew Bohne
2019    Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Department of Architecture, Architectural Analysis, course
2019    RISD Experimental Foundation Studies: Spatial Dynamics - Formwork/Falsework
2019    RISD Experimental Foundation Studies: Drawing - Orthographies
2018    Hacking Arts, MIT Media Lab, Art and AI, panel discussion
2018    MIT Department of Architecture, Orthographies: New Kinds of Drawings and New Kinds of Things, course
2018    Kirkland Gallery & Harvard GSD, “To Draw a Line: Perspectives on Inscription and Erasure” Symposium, Feet on the Ground, Head in the Clouds, presentation
2018    RISD Department of Architecture, Architectural Projections, course
2018    RISD Department of Architecture, Making of Design Principles, course
2017    Dutch Design Week, Antenna Conference, PROPS Paper, presentation
2017    MIT Art, Culture and Technology Orthographies: Drawing Operations, course
2016    Ashmolean Museum at University of Oxford, Image as Vortex Conference The Angling Islands: Drawing Terrain presentation
2016    MIT Drawing Machines Workshop, Composing Line(s): Drawings of another Nature, lecture