︎︎︎    “A Place to Relate to Water / Tending to Aquariums” An essay for Are.na Annual Tending, edited by Meg Miller.
︎︎︎    Epochs, 2019. Animation. Duration 4’25.
︎︎︎   Constructs.
︎︎︎    Rocks.
︎︎︎    Bricks of Inujima. A booklet of photographs documenting the deterioration of slag bricks on Inu-jima, an island in the Seta Inland Sea, Kagawa, Japan. 
︎︎︎   Angling Islands.
︎︎︎    A Curriculum on the Fabrication of Clouds, 2019. “Mud Muses - A Rant on Technology.” Moderna Museet, Sweden.
︎︎︎   Land Raster.
︎︎︎   Landlines: Drawing Terrain. An exhibition at MIT Keller Gallery.
︎︎︎   Island Blits.  A drawing series documenting episodic perspectives to and from phantom islands.

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